Why You Should Feed The Trolls

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A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor.

A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Do you see where I am going here? I’m subtly hinting I want to go on a yacht.

No, that’s not quite it, although it wouldn’t go astray…

No matter what content you put out in the world, be it a blog post or social media post, there’s going to be someone who just doesn’t dig it. And depending on the nature of that content, it may go so far as to incite some really extreme reactions from people.

You cannot embark on your content creation with the mindset that you want everybody to like it, nay, love it! It will never happen, and you cannot please all people, all the time. It’s exhausting, you will burn out, and besides, according to Brene Brown;

“People pleasing is a form of arse-holery.”

And I whole heartedly agree.

But what if you were to get raw? Get really real. Write with the same unbridled passion that emanates from you when you speak about your niche topic that truly excites you. That right there, is you in your zone, when the words just pour out of your mouth without you having to think.

Side tip: Most of you will have a smart phone with a dictaphone feature, whip that shit out and start recording it for later use. It’s gold I’m telling you, GOLD! Just blurt it all out and then edit it up.

So what happens to the audience who reads that content you’ve published with that passion?

They connect.

They can feel the emotion because you’ve kicked them right in the feely feels with your literary gold!

And when they connect with that emotion, they engage.

The nature of that engagement depends on what nerves you touch. And this, I’m afraid, you don’t have a whole lot of control over. If someone takes a heinous disliking to your content, let them.

The exception here being bullying. Shut that shit down quick and don’t engage.

By sparking a healthy debate over your content, it is going to create increased reach. More eyeballs on your content means more people that go into your sales funnel or greater numbers in your analytics with which you can leverage paid opportunities.

The sooner you get comfortable with the concept that the people who don’t dig the cut of your jib, aren’t ‘your people’, the quicker you will produce more engaging content that paints a more accurate picture of who you really are and what value you are delivering. This will go a very long way to increasing your tribe, reach, traffic, or what ever other metric you are using in your analytics to gauge your success.

So what are you going to take away from this?

-Create content with your ideal audience/customer in mind but don’t let what ‘everyone’ else might think cloud your voice and message, stopping you from even producing that content to start with.

-Be a bit controversial, test using strong copy and words that evoke emotion and incite action.

-If you want your audience to engage or take action in a certain way, straight up ask; ‘share me, like me, apply now, buy, comment’. Don’t ask, don’t get.

-Fuck the haters.

-Feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you are feeling the fear and are paralysed by it, by all means, shout me out on social or drop me an email for a pep talk! You’ve got this babe!

While I don’t teach you 100% exactly what copy you should use gain a desired reaction, I will be available to all the people who sign up for Analytics To Action via our private members group. Supported by your own personal Mary Poppins, me, and a posse of other like-minded people who get it.

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