The Two Types Of Data You Need To Know About

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The Two Types Of Data You Need To Know About | Cherie Bobbins

Wait, what? There’s more than one type of data?

I hear you and I know the cogs in your brain are beginning to spin even faster as you think, ‘Shit. Something else really technical I need to wrap my head around.’

Yes, there is more than one type of data and no, I promise you it’s not difficult to understand.

And why do you even need to know about the different types of data?

Being able to collect your raw data and make swift and concise decisions based on that data can improve your blog and online business. The ability to do this will facilitate growth much more quickly than if you were to fluff about blogging about 75 different subjects or, promote your products or services through ineffective social platforms in a way that your target audience doesn’t understand.

Let’s rip off that band-aid and take a look.

Quantitative Data = What

Quanitative data is your ‘what’. It is the sum and metrics of any of your online activities, be it on your website or social media platforms. These metrics are raw data, black and white, just numbers that are not good bad or otherwise until you use them for a purpose. A purpose like leveraging paid opportunities or to implement a marketing strategy to sell your audience a product or service.

Examples of Quanitative Data are:

  • Size of audience
  • Where they are
  • Audience age
  • Audience general interests
  • What devices they are using to view your content and when
  • Site traffic
  • Blog post reads
  • Time spent on your site
  • Email opens
  • Email click through rate
  • Social following
  • Total engagements
  • Post reach

Qualitative Data = Why

Qualitative data is your ‘why’. It explains why your audience performed certain actions, what they really think and how they feel. Collecting your qualitative data can be extremely beneficial to assist you with business decisions but only when combined with your quantitative data. It’s great for figuring out what products you can create to sell, how you can market to your audience without coming off sales-ey and even deciphering constructive criticism from trolling comments. Trust me, you’ll need a thick skin for that one, but you’ll know you’ve ‘made it’ when you get trolled!*

Examples of Qualitative data are:

  • Data collected through surveys
  • Comments on blog posts and social media
  • Email feedback
  • Testimonials and praise

Collecting your qualitative data takes more effort as you will need to do this manually. Take note of every time someone online (or IRL) pays you a compliment or praises you for your amazing efforts, particularly people who thank you for helping them in some way. Testimonials can often be the push a potential lead needs, to get them to subscribe to you or buy what you are selling.

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*I say that out of sarcasm. I take trolling and online bullying very seriously but have learned over the years to treat it like any form of data; take the emotion out of it and chalk it up to engagement. After all, data only has meaning when you place the context around it.

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  1. You are a star lady. Thanks so much for making what seems like a hard topic ‘easy as pie’. You were made for this. Glad you’re sharing this info.

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