2 Reasons You Should Dumb Down Your Content

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Why You Should Dumb Down Your Content | Cherie Bobbins

No one likes a smart ass.

And no one likes to feel inferior.

As experts in our field, or people who know enough about their niche to impart their knowledge to others, we have a responsibility to lead and teach in the most supporting manner that we can.

But going even further than that, we also want our content to be read. Let’s face it, we can’t help anyone if they aren’t interested in our content.

SEO Keywords Improve Analytics

By choosing a simple select keyword or key phrase, you’re ensuring your content is useful and able to be found.

Consider when writing the content, ‘What questions are people going to ask and how is my content going to be the answer to that question?’

This is where choosing the right set of words is going to improve your analytics and SEO.

Here’s an example that is transferrable across any niche:

Let’s say you’re a lifestyle blogger and you do a lot of product reviews, sponsored posts and some affiliate sales as a means to make money from your blog. You know your audience loves your liquid eyeliner video tutorial you did and frequently ask you, “what is the best liquid eyeliner?” So expand that into a blog post.

“The 5 Best Liquid Eyeliners” will be your title and your keywords will be ‘best liquid eyeliner’ since those will be the very simple search terms that people are going to be punching into Google.

If you are phrasing your title something like “OMG I Found My Favourite Liquid Eyeliner!” it creates a less searchable phrase. While your die-hard readers may get it and love it, it may alienate an audience of mass appeal which will be detrimental to your traffic since you rely on those analytics to generate revenue.

When the Google Bots (yes that’s what they’re actually called!), are trawling around the internet looking for the best match to that query, they’re looking for the easiest path and quickest match to help that person. Ergo, SEO keywords improve analytics.

If you’ve done all the hard work and heavy lifting by creating that easy to understand title in simple language and on point keywords, Google will find your content quicker and rank you higher in the search list. You can also improve your ranking by sharing that piece of content across all your social networks, it creates an interlinked web all leading back to your site.

Successful content in this ‘help’ arena identifies the reader’s pain point, empathises with them and provides a solution that is easy to understand, makes them feel good and is immediately actionable.

Why You Should Dumb Down Your Content | Cherie Bobbins

Tone And Readability

It’s fairly obvious that if the tone of a written piece is condescending, negative or even a little boring, it will lose readers along the way.

Carefully consider the purpose and tone of the piece before you flesh it out, or write the piece exactly how you are thinking about in a state of flow, and edit after. You’ll want to pay attention to the flow of your writing, does it convey your message and is it grammatically correct enough to make sense.

If you’re after something humorous to sprinkle some glitter on an otherwise dry topic (analytics, er ehm), make short, sharp, funny but relevant analogies here and there.

If you are on WordPress you may have the Yoast plugin which helps you optimise your SEO keywords and other metadata. A feature of this plugin also measures readability and suggests edits.

Basically your want your content to be engaging, easy to read and understand, so by using fewer and less technical words to convey your message, chances are people will find it more understandable and enjoyable.

If it reads like a periodic table, full of technical, barely pronounceable words only other scientists are going to understand, you might want to reconsider breaking it down into smaller digestible titbits. You know, so the lay-person can figure out whether or not “Einsteinium” is really an element.

P.S. it really is!

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I cannot recommend you jump on this bandwagon enough since it will be the last intake for 2016!

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  1. Fiona says:

    Great post Cherie!
    Lots of helpful information. I have just installed yoast on my wordpress and need to learn how to use it.

    • Cherie Bobbins says:

      Gret Fiona!
      Have a play and see what you come up with, the additional features to play around with the social metadata are on the side if that makes sense!
      Cherie 🙂

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