How To Set Up And Install Google Analytics

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How To Set Up And Install Google Analytics | Cherie Bobbins

You’ve hustled hard, battled the tech woe and finally set up your very first website. Woo!

And, you’ve been dodging installing Google Analytics with more stealth than you avoid that creepy uncle making eyes at you during a family reunion.

It makes you feel a bit icky!

But, you know you need to have analytics right? I can’t help you with your creepy uncle but I can show you the really simple steps on how to set up and install Google Analytics.

It’s one of my top 5 FAQ’s and I’m here to help you!

Step 1 Sign In or Sign Up

If you already have a gmail address, or any other subscription to a google product this will be the account you will use.

How To Intsall Google Analytics | Cherie Bobbins

Once logged in you will be redirected to the ‘New Account’ setup screen.

How To Intsall Google Analytics | Cherie Bobbins

You’ll notice there are two grey tabs at the top that say ‘Website’ and ‘Mobile App’. Make sure you have selected the Website option since that it what I am showing you how to do.

Fairly self explanatory as with filling in any form but I’ll talk you through it.

Website Name

You can just use your domain name; i.e. I used ‘

Website URL,

Use your website address here. i.e. I used  ‘’ as the http:// part is already there.


This is optional but will help Google Analytics tailor some suggestions and benchmarks with like industry standards for your account. If you’re unsure I recommend ‘Online Communities’.

Time Zone

Make sure you choose your current time zone that you are living and working in as it will help Google Analytics create accurate reports for you.

Data Sharing Settings

Optional selections recommended by Google – I left all mine checked to maximise my ability to get the most out of Google Analytics.

Get Tracking ID

Clicking this blue button will submit your info. A pop-up with Terms of Service will appear, once you read and agree to those you’re good to go!

Step 2 Installing Tracking Code

Once you’ve gone down the blue button hole and agreed to the terms of service, you’ll be redirected to your admin area that houses your unique tracking code.

How To Intsall Google Analytics | Cherie Bobbins

You can see that you are issued a unique Tracking ID such as: UA-12345678-1 (I’ve blanked mine out so there is no confusion as yours will be unique to you).

And there will be a box of script below which is your website Tracking Code.

If you are on WordPress and have the Google Analytics plug in, you can simply manually add your Tracking ID to the plug in on the back end of your website, it is usually the easiest option.

There’s one by MonsterInsights which is run by Yoast.

If you are not on WordPress you will need to use the script Tracking Code.

  1. Copy all of the Tracking Code.
  2. Paste the Tracking code in your website’s HTML code between the <head> tags and save.
  3. It can take anther between a couple of hours to 24 hours to show up, but remember, it will only start recording traffic if you are sending people to your website! You can check if it is active as right beside your Tracking ID will read: Status Receiving traffic in past 48 hours.

This will track all activity on your website since the <head> area of HTML is global which means it is on every page of your website.

How To Set Up And Intall Google Analytics | Cherie Bobbins

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I hope this rips off your analytics band-aid so you can come and play with me some more as I teach you how to read, understand and action your analytics to grow your blog and online business!

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10 Responses to "How To Set Up And Install Google Analytics"
  1. becky says:

    Thank you for the info. When I try to submit my info to Google Analytics, the pop-up with the agreement pops up, but it does not have a place to check to sign-off on the agreement…any advice on what to do?

    • Cherie Bobbins says:

      Oh, there’s no ‘OK’ or any prompt to proceed?

  2. Oh thank you so much! I have WordPress. I’d tried installing this before, but didn’t know where to put the Tracking ID. I didn’t know there was a plugin for that. Super helpful!

  3. I’ve set up Google Analytics more than once. Each time I had to figure it out all over again. Thi time, with your excellent blog post, it was easy. Especially, thanks for the reminder of the efficiency of using the Google Analytics plug in, Duh.

  4. Lucy says:

    Great post Cherie – thank you – I’ve just included it in my round-up post for the Problogger challenge:

    Thanks again, Lucy

    • Cherie Bobbins says:

      Oh thanks Lucy I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  5. Charmaine says:

    I’ve dropped the from my blog but am unsure if I can and how to install Google analytics as only the business plan allows plugins? I thought I could copy and paste the code but just realised I can’t use coding either! (Can’t afford business plan at the moment)

    • Cherie Bobbins says:

      Oh no Charmaine! I know WordPress has a basic analytics panel you can work with. It’s not as in depth as GA of course but it should tide you over until you can upgrade. If I can think of a way around it I’ll let you know, but I’m not sure there is. x

      • Charmaine says:

        Thanks, I just realised that there is 2 types of wordpress sites! Am going to migrate to can’t wait to get GA! Do you have any recommendations for hosts? Thanks

        • Cherie Bobbins says:

          I personally use Bluehost. Now there’s a lot of conflicting feedback, some people have had a really terrible experience with them and other people, like me, have had really wonderful hosting! Their tech support has been amazing as I do everything myself and don’t have a developer, they’ve been a great help. However, I also pay for a slightly more expensive package, not the cheapest one – one in the mid range somewhere. I’m not sure what they call it now but a couple of years ago when I signed up there was, ‘blog’, ‘enterprise’, and ‘business’ level, so I went with the mid one. I think people who went with the cheapest option didn’t have access to the level of support I do. Hope that helps!

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