How To Change Niche And Keep Your Readers

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How To Change Your Niche And Keep Your Readers | Cherie Bobbins

My fear almost shouted down my will to change tack. The fear of unsubscribes. The fear of a mass unfollowing. The fear of people not liking me.

I’d left my quilt blog sit idle for a year without being updated.

I did however, continue to convert leads, i.e. have people subscribe to my email list. I had set it up with a great free quilt pattern that was automatically delivered in the ‘thank you’ email of my Mailchimp subscription sequence, and managed to have about 800 people join my list that year even thought I wasn’t blogging.

People originally subscribed to my quilt blog because my opt-in was pretty amazing – even if i do say so myself. But more than that, the image I used for my opt-in was also enticing.

Did you know that the brain processes image 60 000 times faster than copy?

Change Niche And Keep Your Readers

So how did I pivot so far from what my blog was originally, quilts, to now blogging about analytics and retain so many original subscribers?

I created content that not only reads in the same voice with which I speak, but is entertaining and helpful.

I was straight up with my subscribers, reminded them exactly why they had originally subscribed, gave them background on where I am headed and the journey it has taken me to get here and gifted them my new opt-in right there in the email.

Out of all the people who opened my email less than 10% unsubscribed.

The less hoops you make people jump through the easier it will be for them to take the action you want them to. Like, buy, subscribe, click here, share etc, or in my case, stick around as I have some amazing value to share with you.

  • Inform.
  • Entertain or Inspire.
  • Offer value.
  • Don’t make them work for it.

Giving your audience, leads and potential clients the path of least resistance will create more success for you. Do the heavy lifting, or in this case, thinking.

So for this particular email campaign I sent out, I had a 37% open rate, which means more than 1/3 of my subscribers opened the email, and less than 10% of people who opened and read the email unsubscribed from my list.

So what do those analytics tell me?

It tells me that many of the readers I have on my list find value in the content I am delivering regardless of whether or not it is about quilting, blogging and/or analytics.

Many of the readers had multiple opens, 3, 7 even 12 opens!

A lot of them clicked through to my suggested content driving traffic to my blog, downloaded the opt-in, and even clicked through to my social accounts.

Why did these subscribers perform all these different actions?

Because I kindly asked them to. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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