Flinging Shit At The Walls And Analytics

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Flinging Shit At The Walls And Analytics | Cherie Bobbins

You may well have noticed by now, I’m a potty mouth.

I just get so damn passionate about stuff, that I talk a million miles an hour to try and convey all the valuable information I have jangling around in my head. Wanting to genuinely help you achieve your version of success, it all blurts out sans filter.

Anyone who has EVER met me in person can attest to that, am I right?

As many people set out on their blogging and online business journey they fluff about doing ALL the things they think they should be doing.

All the things.

So many of the things…

You might begin writing about travel, and then some beauty, and then some health and wellness, and then some tax stuff because, holy shit you almost forgot to lodge your return and then your accountant gave you some great advice that you couldn’t help but share with your audience!

Thanks tax man who got me my $2K return. Wink!

Or you might spend a heap of time, energy and money creating a bunch of digital products or services that simply aren’t selling.

In the early days of blogging and online business there is a lot of trial and error, otherwise known as flinging shit at the walls and hoping it sticks.

It is by far the least efficient way to run a blog and online business as you spend your time, efforts and money on activities and products that don’t create a positive return on investment.

It is not sustainable long term and you will run the risk of burnout as you try to do ‘all the things’.

While flinging shit at the walls creates a lot of waste, if you’ve done it enough, it does afford you an opportunity to see what shit sticks where. The type of shit, where it sticks and when it sticks. And, taking particular notice of this data, gives you your analytics.

Your data will help you to uncover all the best ways you connect and engage with your audience and customers, measure the effectiveness of those engagements and ensure you are taking action based on your data. Ergo, not winging it.

Your analytics will help you to figure out:

  • What to sell to your customers
  • What to use as your opt-in
  • What content to create on your blog
  • What content to create on your social media platforms
  • Which social platforms will be your best traffic drivers
  • When to post to your social platforms
  • How to leverage paid opportunities and sponsored posts
  • What copy to use to engage and compel your audience
  • How to improve your calls to action (CTA)
  • When to send your newsletter
  • The best website design to convert leads and sales
  • What is the best use of your time in your business
  • What opportunities will yield the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Where to plug the holes in your sales funnel
  • And ultimately how to achieve your big blog and business goals.

In my new eCouse Analytics To Actions, I teach you how to use your analytics to hone your niche, create content and products your audience actually wants and how to work smarter, not harder.

Analytics to Actions drops on 13th July so subscribe now so you don’t forget! And because I like you, you’ll get my free eBook, 7 Steps To Slay Your Next Sponsored Post.

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