Hi there!

I’m Cherie Bobbins, mother, life hacker and professional laundry dodger.

I want to teach you how to action your analytics to help you build your blog and online business.

Combat the fear of data and get the hell over analysis paralysis.

I see so many really intelligent entrepreneurial women suffering analysis paralysis. They get so stuck on trying to make decisions that will have little bearing on achieving their business goals and  adversely affect their ability to turn a profit from their blogs and online businesses.

Some women are so fearful of making the wrong decision they simply do not make one at all and fail to progress in their business the way they wish to.

So WTF is a Cherie Bobbins?

At the start of my own blogging journey I was making and selling quilts while blogging about them after having my first baby. I know right, quilts!

A far cry from where I had been in high end retail jewellery for all my adult career and worked in London for the world’s first eCommerce diamond company.

I was savvy enough to know that I could use my blog as a way to build a narrative around my physical product, my quilts, to enhance more sales. And it worked.

I was constantly booked out for months in advance but, I was earning two parts of bugger all along the way. For all the time and effort I was putting in, I wasn’t earning enough for it to be classified as more than a hobby.

My husband and I had had a second baby and I spent a lot of time writing about the trials and tribulations of motherhood as a lead into wrapping up each of my blog posts about the awesome quilts I was making (and selling. Hint, hint. See what I did there?).

I knew I wanted to know more about this blogging malarky so I did an online business course, Blog To Profit by Alice Nicholls, and had some of the biggest penny drop moments of my life.

It all clicked.

It all made sense.

I was a sponge and applied everything I already knew about people, sales and business and merged it with all the new stuff I was learning.

While I was in the midst of the 8 week eCourse, my writing got picked up by one of Australia’s biggest parenting websites Stay At Home Mum. I was guest posting regularly and my writing resonated with the readers so well that they asked if they could start paying me.

Hardly going to say no am I?

After only 2 months of paid freelance work, they figure out that I might be a bit clever and employed me 3 days a week as a writer and editorial assistant.

Only 3 weeks after that, I am promoted to Executive Editor and Content Strategist where I am responsible for all the content for the website, managing a team of writers and a team of formatters. My job is to create content that is engaging, entertaining, informative and inspiring.

With over 0.5 million social followers, 1 million unique users and 4 million page views per month, we post on average a dozen articles a day. It is my job at Stay At Home Mum, to use the analytics and calibrate our content to facilitate business growth.

I don’t tell you all of this out of ego, I tell you all of this to inspire you. You are totally capable!

The moment you start to empower yourself to learn, is the moment you start taking control of your online business journey.

Don’t ever forget I started blogging about quilts yeah?

It doesn’t matter where you start or how you start, just start!

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