6 Easy Steps To Automate Blog Posts

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6 Easy Steps To Automate Blog Posts | Cherie Bobbins

Set and forget publishing with automated social sharing is a highly underestimated process to optimise your time as a blogger and online business owner.

Think of all the ‘time confetti’ that gets sucked up in your week as you produce your content 1 by 1 (written and imagery), and share it on each of your social platforms. You may well be distracted by what your friend’s cousin’s ex BF is doing on Facebook, or watching too many cat videos.

By setting up systems, not only in the way that you produce your content, but also in the way you publish and share it, can save you an epic tonne of time.

Even more beneficial time hacks to add, are those where you work in bulk, or batch working.

Such as, blocks of time where you spend 1 hour brainstorming or brain dumping ideas, 3 hours just writing and editing, 2 hours creating your suite of images for all your content, and, 2 hours uploading, formatting and scheduling your entire month’s worth of content!

When you’re creating and publishing content on the day you set for yourself, you’re working in a reactive state. It’s much less efficient and really frazzling!

When you’re working ahead of time, your working in a proactive state which is much less stressful, and allows you more time to engage with your audience and build your blog and business.

To make sure you get going on the 6 easy steps to automate blog posts, there’s a couple of little things you need set up first.

You’ll need the Jetpack Wordpress plug in installed, and the option called ‘Publisize’ turned on.


You’ll also need the Yoast SEO Wordpress plug in installed. All your relevant social URL’s will need to be added in the ‘Social’ option in the Yoast menu and connection configurations in the Publicize settings once you’ve turned it on. It’s super simple and prompts you along the way.


Now, it’s ready, set, forget!

6 Easy Steps To Automate Blog Posts

1. Import or write content into your WordPress post.

2. Format using headings to make your content digestible.

3. Create suite of socially optimised images; you can use canva.com – it’s free!

  • Post feature image (I use 900x600px & ensure it’s under 1mb in size)
  • Pinterest Image – text overlay
  • Twitter image – text overlay
  • Facebook image – text overlay (optional)
  • Instagram

6 Easy Steps To Automate Blog Posts | Cherie Bobbins

4. Upload images into relevant areas, especially in the social option area of the Yoast SEO plug-in where you enter your keywords and meta data for each platform you’ve selected

1. Click social icon

1. Click social icon


2. Add alternative copy and upload image for Facebook

3. And do the same for Twitter if you wish.

3. And do the same for Twitter if you wish.

5. Add meta data, keywords, tags and optimise for SEO.


6. Schedule for publishing.

When the post is published, it will automatically share itself to your selected social platforms.


You’re saving time – lots of it!

The time saved means you can work ‘ON’ your blog or business, not ‘IN’ it.

When other people are sharing your posts you’ll have pre-programmed what you want them to say.


Optimum timing across your social networks may be an issue.

Let’s say you’ve set your post to publish on a Saturday because most of your fans are on Twitter on a weekend, but then the second highest traffic driver is LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s peak user times are business days and business hours, so sharing automatically on a weekend isn’t going to net you much traffic, ergo, you’ll still need to manually re-schedule during the week. To combat this I’d set aside time to manually schedule new and re-schedule old evergreen content to drive across your socials and invite your readers back to site.

Your email subscribers wont have first dibs on your content. There’s a fair chance your email subscribers also follow you on social media. If they have already read your post via seeing it on social media, then the open and click through rate to your email list may be down, unless you offer them something else worth reading or clicking in the email. You can set up your email in Mailchimp to automatically send your new content buy using your RSS feed, this is available on the free version too. It’s a bit of learning and fiddling but, if all you want to do is send a preview of your new content to invite subscribers back to your blog to read the rest, it can be done. Mail chimp has tutorials for this on their website.

6 Easy Steps To Automate Blog Posts | Cherie Bobbins

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I’d love to hear how you go using these tips to automate blog posts, or streamlining any other part of your blog or online business. Drop it in the comments below!

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  1. Fiona Saiter says:

    This is something I’ve been meaning to do and since I have both Jetpack and Yoast SEO (even though we are NOT friends yet. I could spend all day trying to make it green…) I will be referring back to this helpful info. Love your website!
    Fiona : )

  2. Thanks for sharing. Lots of very useful info.

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