Do You Suffer From These 2 Things That Stop You From Blogging?

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Do You Suffer From These 2 Things That Stop You From Blogging | Cherie Bobbins

Seriously, what the f*ck is stopping you?

It’s becoming more apparent that the more time I spend networking and listening to people at various stages of their blogging journey, that something is holding them back. It is paralysing them from making any progress and achieving their goals.

Hello? Is that you Fear?

Sound familiar?

And WTF does any of it have to do with analytics? Well, frankly, if you don’t blog, there are no analytics and I can’t teach, support or serve you.


“I’m afraid of failure, that no one will like my blog and never read it, and, that my high school classmates will laugh at me even though we graduated 17 years ago.”

Lack Of Time

“I don’t have time, I’m like, SO busy. I have a full time job, husband, dog, 2 kids with after school commitments, 17 loads of laundry a week and CIA level Facebook stalking to do 98 times a day.”


I’m calling BS on all of it.

I’m not saying that your fears aren’t valid at all, they’re really real and they’re stopping you getting to where you want to go.

And busyness? Lady, we’re all busy. We’re all given the same 24hrs, and like a modestly sized peen, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Telling yourself that you are afraid, don’t know how to do it or don’t have the time are not good enough reasons to flake out on your goals. You are not only doing yourself a disservice, but all those people you could be helping with the knowledge, passion and or skill that you have, are missing out, wondering where the hell you are.

So what’s the secret to achieving your blogging goals?

You have got to want it more than you are afraid of it.

You have got to prioritise it above a lot of things in your life, it will take sacrifice.

By serving people through your blog consistently, your blog in turn, will serve you.

If you don’t know how to do it, go learn it.

Learn by doing, just start.

If you don’t have the time, make the time and regularly.

If you are afraid, recognise it but don’t dwell on it, push through and your achievements will be that much sweeter.

Find ‘your people’ online by joining blogging communities.

Spend more time doing the doing than simply networking – know the difference.

Set your big goal and break it down into achievable steps and put a timeline on it.

So seriously WTF is stopping you?

Let’s start a discussion, this is not about public shaming, it’s a safe place of support. I’m not going to shame you into action as I don’t believe in inducing unnecessary anxiety. I want to use this as a tool to help you break down your own barriers and get you on track to achieve the greatness you deserve. By sharing your experiences out loud it will help you process them and, I can help with with a pep talk or give you the resources for you to be able to empower yourself.

What are your fears and excuses you tell yourself?

Reply in the comments below -I’ll go first because the very day I wrote this post I succumbed to my inner critic!

*Comments are moderated and Cherie Bobbins has a zero tolerance for Negative Nancy’s or bullying.

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One Response to "Do You Suffer From These 2 Things That Stop You From Blogging?"
  1. Cherie Bobbins says:

    So the very same day I wrote this post, I had my weekly group coaching call with my Analytics To Actions course members. I try to record these live as I often share my screen and give members a real time tutorial. Yet, this one time, I didn’t press record! Why? Because that crazy inner critic told me I wasn’t good enough, that what I was teaching in this call wasn’t good enough, and I believed it! What makes me mad is that I am seldom one to succumb to those negative thoughts (yes I have them too!), much less let my fear stop me from doing something I want to do. But what makes me truly upset about it is, that my fear and my inner critic bullied me out of helping my students. And my lack of strength in that one moment was the HUGEST disservice to my people. Luckily, they are total babes, I was very upfront, recorded a Facebook live video apologising and being really raw with the truth of it, and made up for it by giving them the video I had recorded with the same info and tutorial. PHEW! Lesson learned! Cx

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